Friday, June 3, 2011

Simply Said --- Bye Bye

Simply Said, another one of my favorites which you won't find on my retirement sale table ... This set has 11 stamps in it for less than $30 or less than $3 each stamp. It is so versitile; and as always, the stamps are all sized to work together. It's been around for a while ... I guess that's why they are letting it retire :-) You can see the entire set on page 63 of the current 2010-2011 catalog.

Here are two cards I made recently from this set. Check back tomorrow for two more. I truly love hearts ... guess that's why this is one of my favorites!

This would be perfect to send to someone you may know serving our country.

Here's another one ...This is a two-in-one card ... not only does the recipient get a card from you, but also a magnetic bookmarker, too.

Check back tomorrow for more cards from this stamp set.

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rz said...

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