Friday, June 24, 2011

Always Wanting to Learn ...

This past Saturday I had the privledge of taking a Copic Marker class. I had heard so much about these markers and was excited to get an opportunity here at Sun City to see what they were all about. Here's a copy of one of the cards we made at the class:

I really did like them; but my thrifty side had a tough time paying for them when I had the entire set of Stampin' Up! markers at home. I did like the fact that they do a great job of shading (there are over 300 colors available to purchase). I wasn't sure if I could shade with the 48 colors we have. So, I came home and started playing with Stampin' Up! markers and our Blender Pens (pg. 195, #102845, $9.95/3). The following photos are some finished cards I made with the images I colored using my own Stampin' Up! markers:

Being a watercolor artist, I've been using the ink from the markers with the Aqua Painter (pg. 195 #103954, $16.95) almost exclusively and have been teaching my students to do the same. While this makes for a very nice watercolor look, it was not as "rich" a look as the copic markers. Today I discovered how to use the Stampin' Up! markers on Stampin' Up!'s Whisper White cardstock with Blender Pens to create these richer looks.

If I get enough positive responses, I will hold a class to share my experiences today with our own Stampin' Up! markers and Blender Pens.


Moxie said...

Wish we lived closer so Amy could attend one of these classes with you.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you would do classes on using our SU markers to watercolor! A series, starting with a really basic class, would be perfect for me - I came away from the Copic class feeling like I could invest a lot of money and not see a hug difference from our SU markers. I decided I'm not investing in them. But I have NO paiting experience of any kind. Thanks Bonnie.
Merry Lee

Pat D. said...

Bonnie -- I would be interested in a watercolor with markers class. Love the card with the well behaved women.
Pat D.