Thursday, November 1, 2012

Upcoming Classes

I'm excited to announce some upcoming classes ... If you are local, here's the schedule with brief descriptions ...  Bring a friend to join in a class who's never been to one of my classes and receive $5 off your class fee!!!

23019 Kingfisher Drive, Indian Land, SC 
717-443-4224 - RSVP Email: 

KISS CLASS (Keep it Simple & Stunning!) 
 $20 first class w/kit 
($10 additional classes) 
KISS Class #1:  Tuesday, November 27th - 1-4 p.m. - 1 SPOT LEFT
KISS Class #2:  Tuesday, November 27th - 6-9 p.m. 
KISS Class #2:  Wednesday, November 28th - 1-4 p.m. --SOLD OUT!
This is a class I’ve been creating for weeks and am most excited about.  It’s awesome!  
Have you ever heard of Simple Elegance?  Well this is it! 
This is a system whereby you have a bag or box of pre-cut pieces to quickly make a card 
(or cards) when you need them with very little waste.  The system eliminates the question, 
“where do I start?”  You supply a half-sheet of cardstock for the base and then you use 
two to three of the pre-cut pieces along with some stamps, embossing folders, etc. to 
create beautiful cards in minutes using card recipes from your notebook.  This will be an 
on-going class — hopefully every month or two.  I will be incorporating into these cards 
various old and new techniques.  So if you’ve missed some of my previous technique 
classes, here’s where you can catch up! 

At the first class you will receive a KISS starter kit.  In the kit will be over 160 pre-cut 
pieces of  mostly cardstock and some designer papers, a notebook with instructions on 
cutting future papers and card folding sizes and instructions, first month’s copies of cards 
and recipes, supplies to make 4 cards at class and more.  After the initial class, I will be 
holding additional classes for $10 each, again making 4 cards with card recipes to add to 
your notebooks.  In time, you will accumulate an entire notebook full of great card ideas 
to use with your KISS system. 

WARNING:  If you don’t have a Big Shot, you will want one.  If you do have a Big Shot, 
you will start using it!  :-)  But, with that said, a lot of cards do not require a Big Shot or 
you could make a variation of them not using the big shot at home if you don’t own one. 
  Just a great system! 
NOTE:  Because of my cost and prep time for this class, if you sign up for it and can’t 
make it, you would be obligated to pay the $20 and receive the kit.  You can jump into an 
on-going class and catch up later.  
Bring (or purchase at class) your adhesive. 



Album Class #1:  Friday, November 30 -  10 a.m. - Noon
Album Class #2:  Sunday, December 2nd - 1 -3 p.m.
Album Class #3:  Sunday, December 2nd - 4-6 p.m.

Come learn how to make an easy album suitable to make a keepsake of this year’s
Christmas.  A great hostess gift, baby’s first Christmas momento, a forever keepsake of
your Christmas, etc.  These are fun and EASY to make ... and even better than making
this album, you can adapt this pattern to various other albums ... Birthday, Baby, 25th/
50th Anniversary, Graduation, etc.  You will see various other samples.   Bring your
cameras!   The possibilities are endless.  This is the class I’m teaching at stamping retreat
in Asheville to a sold-out group!  Note:  Due to the fact that I have to order specific items
to make these kits, if you sign up for the class and can’t make it at the last minute, please
understand that you will still receive the kit with instructions for the $10 fee.

Bring (or purchase at class) your adhesive!


MEN’S STAMP-A-STACK - 6/$10 or 12/$18 

Men’s Class #1:  Monday, January 7th - 1-4 p.m 
Men’s Class #2:  Monday, January 7th - 6-9 p.m. 
Men’s Class #3:  Tuesday, January 8th - 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

This has been my most requested class!  A class where you make cards suitable to give to 
men.  We cardmakers seem to lean toward making flowery/lacy cards.  Then when we 
need to send a thank you, thinking of you, birthday or get well card to a man, we just 
don’t have any. 


At this class I will have 6 different cards cut out for you to make.  You may make as 
many as you need of each card (everything is pre-cut for you).  I will have various stamps on hand to customize them ... 
birthday, get well, thinking of you, etc.  The cost includes envelopes, too.   
AND, you can stamp on the back that this card was made by you! 

Bring (or purchase at class) your adhesive! 


Hope you can make one or all of these classes!


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