Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stamping on Candles

Did you know you can stamp directly onto candles ???!!! ...

At one of our recent technique classes, I shared with the group a simple way to enhance plain pillar candles.

First, I should mention that I have converted all of my wheels (stamps) to flat stamps.  To do this, you simply take a utility knife blade and cut through the rubber stamp (on the wheel) at the already existing seam.  Then you carefully pull off the red rubber stamp part.  Sometimes there is a little glue residue remaining on the back of the red rubber piece.  Simply peel that off.  

Then, using our Clear Mount Cling Foam (pg 7), attach the red rubber to the very sticky side of the cling foam.  Then, just cut around it.  As you can see above, I'm storing these converted stamps in our Clear Mount Stamp Cases (pg 7).  You can also write the name of the wheel on the back (cling side) with a permanent marker.

Now that your wheels are converted, simply lay your desired wheel on a flat surface (rubber side up), evenly coat it with a permanent ink (Stazon), and carefully roll your candle across the entire stamp to the end.  Be careful not to touch the ink until it's completely dry which may take 30 minutes or more.

I had purchased these candles at IKEA for about $.50 each.  A little Ribbon, some baby safety pins I had found at the Dollar Tree, and some quick punched pieces ... and walaaaaah ...

How Sweet!

Have to tell you a funny story ... I had made another stamped candle to post here but at the recent craft show someone just fell in love with it.  When I told her it wasn't for sale ... just for display to show what we do at some of my classes, she insisted she had to have it.  She handed me a $5 bill and said, PLEASE!   Well, $5 is $5.  I wish I had taken a photo of it ... oh well!

For that one I had used the Daydream (converted) wheel (pg 117).   I have to admit, it was stunning.

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