Friday, October 7, 2011

Ommited Embossing Technique

As promised, here are instructions on how I made yesterday's card swap using the ommited embossing technique.  Divas ... you will be making a card using this technique next week and I will show you everything first hand.  Blog followers ... try this ... it's fun!

Here's another card using the same technique.

First, you will need to make a stencil out of a piece of chipboard.  If you've ordered any of our Glimmer Paper (pg 41 of the Holiday Mini), it comes packed with a thick piece of cardboard.  This works fine, too.

Here I've taken the Oval Scallop Frame Bigz Die (pg 222) and, using a ruler, marked the scallops on both ends.  (Ignore my squiggle lines ... that was an error ... just focus on the straight lines.  The dot in the center was just to help me figure out the end scallops).  Once I figured this out, I marked a piece of the chipboard (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") at 2 1/8" on the 4 1/4" side to give me the center point.  Then I simply lined these marks up with the straight lines on my Bigz Die.

Now, it gets a little confusing.  Because I have this piece of chipboard at an angle, it will not fit through the Big Shot.  So I had to cut off two of the pointed edges of the chipboard.  Here's a copy of the stencil I made.  I used a black marker to indicate the cut lines.

After you run this through the Big Shot, you simply use Scotch Tape and tape it back together, including the scalloped frame that will be cut through, too (indicated above by the sketched-in scallop so you could see it.)    See my marks on both sides indicating the 2 1/8" center of the 4 1/4" side?

Now, here's how you layer your stencil to run it through the Big Shot. 

Layer 1 - Multipurpose Platform (full -- do not open)
Layer 2 - Embossing Folder with cardstock inside
Layer 3 - Your stencil
Layer 4 - ONE cutting pad  (notice, you only use one cutting pad).  The full platform plus the chipboard
                will give you the thickness you need to make this work.

Now, run it through.  When you take out your piece of cardstock, you will have no embossing where the oval hole was.   Walaaaaaaah ... you are now a master ommited embosser!!!!!

Divas, if you want to bring a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of Chipboard marked at the sides, I will be happy to lend you this Bigz Shot die at Diva Club next week so you can cut your own stencil after class!  Of course, this is such a versitle Bigz die, you may want to purchase your own to use with other ideas.  Here's another card I made using this great die:

Stop back in the next few days to see a few of the many ideas I will be getting at retreat.   I won't be writing a lot because I'll be too busy stamping, but I will take a few minutes to share some ideas.

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