Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a Birthday Week!!!

Wow...what a fabulous last few days!!!  If you've been wondering where I've been, well let me tell you.   My Ricky Z worked so hard to throw a surprise 60th birthday party for me on Saturday AND ... he got our three girls and three grandkids down from PA for an extended weekend.   It's all a blurr now, but I can tell you that it was one of the best birthday gifts EVER ... Thank you so much, Rick!!!

Okay, back to business.   Just had to show a few more of my special home-made cards.   AND ... how about this for an awesome Wine Bottle attachment:

Thank you Carol ...  And for a good laugh ... the wine bottle was to reiterate a lesson my Southern Divas are teaching me about being a true Southern Lady ...

You all will get this inside message ... thank you again, Carol.  What a Hoot!

In parting, just a few of my favorite moments this weekend.  My apologies to my girls for posting this photo.  They were ready to leave for the 8+ hour car ride back to PA and I insisted on a group photo.  They were not "ready" for a photo, but in my opinion, they are always beautiful!!!!   Thanks again girls for taking time to join me for this special event in my life!!!   I love you!!!

Left to Right:  Val & Ryka, Angie & Elijah, Tina & Kyle

And for my last two very special moments this past weekend ...

Grammie, Elijah, Ryka and Kyle!

Thanks to all who attended, who gave me special homemade cards and gifts and ... Thank you, thank you, thank you ... Rick!!!

Me and My Ricky Z!  Could he be talking?????:-)    xoxoxo

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