Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unique Lace Ribbon Border Card

 Here's the unique card I promised.  This was my first attempt.  Now that I've done one, I'd do my next one a little different, but I wanted to get this to you so you, too, can play with your Lace Ribbon Border Punch (pg 211). 
 Here are two other views.

Like the sparkle on the balloon.   This Dazzling Details glitter is from our new Holiday Mini catalog which will be coming out soon and available 9/1/11. 

Here's a trick I learned for making my alignment easier.  I took a permanent marker and marked the edges of the punching area.  If you take a very close look, the punch comes with two lines but sometimes they are hard to see when punching.  These marker lines really do help!


1 comment:

Gail Diestler said...

Love, Love, Love this card. Can't wait to try it myself. Of course first I have to buy the punch! $$$$