Sunday, August 7, 2011

Converting Rubber Stamps

As promised, I want to share with you a new product from Stampin' Up! and converting wheel stamps to regular, long clear-mount stamps.    Clear-Mount Cling Foam (pg. 205).  See a partially used piece of it below:

What I did here was find the seam in the wheel.  I took a utility knife and cut along the seam.  Then it was very easy to remove the rubber stamp from the wheel.  Once removed, I attached it to one piece of the Clear-Mount Cling Foam.  Next I simply cut around the entire stamp, removed the backing and ... wahlaaaah ... I have a clear mount stamp.  You will need Clear Block "I" or "F" to use with this longer stamp. 

If you are a big scrapbooker, this may not be to your benefit.  Wheels are designed to be able to stamp long, long areas (i.e., 12x12" scrapbook pages), especially if you use the inked cartridges (pg. 204).  We also sell a Wheel Guide to help make the stamping straight.  Expert scrapbookers do wonders with these tools.

For me, a non scrapbooker, I wanted a simpler way of using my wheels.  Wheels are a great buy for what you get.  From $4.50 to $8.50 per wheel (see all wheels on pgs. 235 & 236), you can get many stamps from one wheel.  And when they are not on the wheel, it is very easy to place them exactly where you want them and only "ink with markers" those parts of the stamp that you want.  Another benefit of converting these wheels is that they take up less storage space.  You can save many converted wheel stamps in one empty Clear-Mount Stamp Cases (pg. 205).

The real purpose of Clear-Mount Cling Foam is to convert your wood mount stamps into Clear Mount Stamps.  To do this, simply put a few of your wood mount stamps into a microwave oven for a few minutes.  Take one out at a time and simply pull off the rubber stamp.   I found this works very well for about 90% of my wood mounted stamps.  There were a few I just could not get off.  I left those as wood-mount stamps.  By doing this, I was able to save a lot of my favorite wood stamps in a very small space.   I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!  -- Clear-Mount Cling Foam - pg. 205 - #124236 - 2- 8 1/2 x 11" pieces for $10.95.

While you're on this page, check out the Clear-Mount Perfectly Placed Guides, too.  These guides attach easily to your Clear-Mount Blocks.   You can attach your clear mount stamps (from rubber stamp side), lining up the image/words along a line.  Then when you ink and stamp, just make sure the line is straight and your image is perfect every time!

Stop back tomorrow to see the finished card and why I say, "We can save every card-making boo-boo, usually!"

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