Monday, December 24, 2012

Homemade Christmas Cards #4

Here we go again.  Christmas Eve and I'll be at my Sisters ... Here's her beautiful card to me ...

For anyone who knows my sister ... she is absolutely perfect ... with everything she does.  Do you know how hard it was growing up 16 months younger than a perfectionist sister.   Well, I guess that's why I am who I am ... I gave up ...  I could never be as perfect as her so I just breeze through life and have a ball!  No perfection here ...  But did I ever tell you all what an incredibly wonderful sister I have been blessed with.  She is a wonderful big sister role model.  Just wish a little more of her would have rubbed off on me :-)

Seriously, I am staying with my sister over Christmas.   I have been waiting for months to spend some quality moments with her!

Here's her card to me .. I love the style of this card and will be using this style with my Divas in the next few months.   The red piece is a folded piece.  The left side of the main card opens and then the red piece flips to the right.   Great use of DSP and super design!   Thanks Sis !!!!!

Here's a beauty from another Divine Diva (my downline), Susan.    Her cards are superb!!!!   Here it appears she used some of our new, wider ribbon which we, as demonstrators, could pre-purchase starting December 1st.   Love the slides, which are still available in the Holiday Mini (pg 31), but I didn't see where they will be coming back.  I will miss them!!!

Just love your cards, Susan.  Thanks for sharing one with me!!!

Come back tomorrow for two more ...

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