Monday, June 18, 2012

Spritzer Clarification

On my last blog posting showing the use of the spritzer tool and one of my card swaps for convention, there was some confusion.  Let me try to explain a little better ...
On this card that I posted recently, the Color Spritzer Tool was used (pg 179-middle of page-Item # 107006 - $12.95).   It gave this effect; but when used repeatedly, the markers have to be re-inked.

The Color Spritzer Tool gives a great spattered effect and works perfectly fine when you are making a few cards with one marker.  When I was making multiple cards for the swap, I found it time-consuming to have to reink the markers, so I mentioned I switched to a new product we have on the catalog -- Stampin' Spritzers (pg 179 - bottom of page - #126185 - $2.95/2).   The following is a result of me adding some rubbing alcohol to the spritzer bottle and a few drops of rich razzelberry reinker ink.   Here's the different look I achieved by doing this:

 Again, to eliminate some confusion, both products are available in our new catalog and both work great.  They give two different but similar looks.  Try them both ... you will like them!  By the way, the second ones were much, much quicker to make.  I use rubbing alcohol in the Spritzer bottles vs. water so drying time is very quick.


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