Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Undefined ... Make your Own Stamp!

After a long day, I made it home safely.  Would have made it home a little sooner had I remembered where I parked my car.   I'd like to blame it on a "blonde" moment ... but I actually entered the lot number in my cell phone ... just hit the wrong lot number key and didn't have my glasses on when I did it.   So we ended up in the wrong long-term lot ...  Well, if that's the worst thing which happened today (which it was) then it was a great day!

Told you briefly about the new product introduced this past week at convention ... "Undefined".   You can carve your own stamps!   Seriously!  Check out the video ... it says it all!

Click here to see the video!
The initial set with carving tools and everything you need to make stamps is just $19.95 (#133402)  and you can make about 1-4 stamps.   Refills are only $9.95 (#134808).  So put on your thinking caps and think of a stamp you'd love to have but can't find.   As long it will fit in a 3"x4" area, you can create the stamp yourself.   I made one at convention and it was EASY and lots of fun.  Divas, you will get to see this awesome new product at August Diva! 
Remember, place your orders by clicking the large Mystery Hostess block above (copy the mystery hostess code first).   Be sure to include the mystery hostess code on your order and maybe you can win the free hostess gifts for July!
Here are some samples of "home-made" stamps!

Happy Shopping!

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