Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tour of Salt Lake City

We arrived last night after a beautiful first class flight through Phoenix.  Arrived at hotel just in time to grab a quick bite to eat and go to Sherrie's shoebox swap.  Here is where you cut out 48 cards, assemble half of them and bring the other half for the girls to assemble as a group.  What a fun night.  You will see three of our favorite picks at the end.

Today we took a city tour and got to learn so much of the history of Salt Lake City.  In the 1800's over 80,000 Mormons left Navoo, Illinois to find a safe place.  Three and one half months later and 1,300 miles later Bringham Young  found SLC.  Only 70,000 made it.  We visited the park called This is the Place where he said just that.  Also saw olympic village and stadium, the state house and had lunch at Bringham Young's home.  Learned a only if I can remember most of it.  Oh, also got to see the huge organ at the Mormon tabernacle church and hear a half hour rehearsal.  Awesome!

Enough are some of the photos.  Enjoy!

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