Sunday, July 21, 2013

Convention Ends tonight

So much to share and so little time.  Had a fabulous week with stampin buds, Sherahl, Susan and Alvie (and roommate Ann who couldn't hang for late night photo).

Last night after awards we had quite a party to celebrate 25th anniversary with girls doing acrobats off sheets from the ceiling, break dancers, a great band, more goodies, etc.  It was quite a night.

Stampin' Up truly out did themselves with all attendees receiving a random drawing prize (aka Prize Patrol).  The last group of 25 drawn got all the stamp sets in the holiday mini!  That's a big Wahoooooo!   Would have been a bigger Wahoooooo had I won that!  

While I hate for it to be over, I am so excited to get home and start recreating a few of the hundreds of ideas.  They introduced some really cool new items.  I love the new pop out card framelits, the envelope maker and the Undefined...a system where you can carve your own stamps.  For real!  This is what I won.  And we all got a piece to make our own stamp.  I made a grammie stamp with a heart.  Fun, fun, fun!  

Pictured below are two photos of the pop out cards.  There's also a photo of a partial wall of cards.  There were dozen of these wall of cards to give us ideas including framed samples.  The mason jar is how they kept our scissors and other tools in the make and take area.  Unbelievable details!

My favorite place was the recognition room which was new this year.  If you earned a major award, you could go in and chill during all the hub bub of the convention, eat snacks and drink sodas, and meet many, many of the super stampers.  I took advantage every minute I could get and am bursting with ideas to improve my service to my customers.  Look for some changes coming soon!

The last photo shows a distant shot of one of the many walls of cards.  I just noticed last night that each group of walls spelled out various words.  Comment if you see the word.  I can honestly say that I was truly inspired by the entire week.

What a GREAT week.  Be home soon!  Thank you Shelli and Stampin' Up!  

You can join me next year.  Just contact me at  I'd love to have you join my team and experience next year's convention, too.

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