Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Cards

Arrived home safely from my Salt Lake City (Convention) and Michigan with friends excursions yesterday afternoon to a counter full of birthday cards.  I have to say one of my favorite things about being a demonstrator, besides getting to know so many great gals who also love to make cards, is receiving cards from them!!!  I just have to share them with you now ...

Before seeing all my great cards, please be sure to read the last paragraph to see a real fun video that was made at convention!

For some reason my camera and aren't getting along so well tonight, but here's the best I can do.  I think you will still be able to enjoy them ...

Thank you, Penny (Diva)

Thank you, Mary Jo (Diva)

Thank you, Linda "Sue" (Diva)
sorry it's so fuzzy!

Terrible photo, but I have to show you the cute, cute inside pop-up!

Thank you, Dorinda (Diva)

Thank you, Kim! (My Fearless Leader)

 Thank you, Pat D. (Diva)

Thank you, Sis (Mary Jane)

 Thank you, Lorena (Diva)

Thank you, Alyse (Divine Diva)

Thank you, Sheila (Diva)
Notice this specially made 
"Christmas in July" card!  

Thank you Sheri (Divine Diva)
and for the matching CD Scrapbook
for my Convention photos.  . 

Thank you very much to everyone.  It was absolutely the highlight of my return back to "reality ranch" to open all these great cards!  Made all the unpacking bearable!

Now, as a special thank you to all my blog followers, I'm going to attempt to share with you this great video that was done for us at convention.  The theme was "I AM" and every year they make up a song using the theme.  This year they also made this video.  Most was pre-recorded with the employees at the Stampin' Up! facility, then the video went off the screen and the employees finished it live on stage.  It was so great and so motivating!  Click here to see the video.

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