Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talking Tags

Today I'd like to share with you Stampin' Up's answer to Hallmark's talking cards ... Talking Tags ...

Again, this was something that was introduced about a month or so ago and I had the fun of showing it first hand to my divas last month.   I really love this product!   For less than $1 per card, you can record a message to be sent with your cards.  Rick and I had fun making a voice recording for our grandson, Kyle, who turned 6 in January.   You get one minute to record, and the recordings are permanent for two years, so they can play them over and over again (at least for two years!)  Here's a card I recorded for my Divas for Sale - A - Bration!

Here's how it works --- Item # 129723 - $7.95/10.  You get 10 labels with a QR code on them and instructions.  You simply make a card, place one label inside the card.  You will have to have a phone that uses apps.  You simply download the Talking Tag app.  Then you scan the QR code (on the sticker that you just put inside your card) and start recording.  You will be given the options to "save the recording", "delete and re-record the message", etc.  When you are happy with the recording, simply select "save" and it's ready to send.

The instructions on the label tell the receiver to download the Talking Tag app onto their phone.  Once downloaded (one time), they can simply open the app on their phone, scan the QR code and they will immediately hear your personalized message to them.  It is fun, fun, fun!

As I told my Divas ... our generation may be a little intimidated by this technology, but the following generations are all into this!!!   My 6 year old grandson could figure it out!   (I'm proud to say that as non-techy as I am, I had no problem figuring it out, either!).

Click here to see a video that was made at a recent team event explaining Talking Tags.  Here you will hear a recording I made for my divas using Talking Tag.  While there's a little background noise, I think you will be able to hear my Sale-A-Bration "Shop On" card.   Enjoy

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