Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls' Night Out Stamping Party!

Want to have a fun night with your friends stamping the night away with no one there bugging your friends to buy any product???  ....

If so, please read on.   I've put together a NEW Girls' Night Out Party Box for you.  All you have to do is get 6-8 gals to commit to come (Eight participants is the maximum).  They each pay $25 and this will include everything you need for each girl to make 12 cards (with envelopes) and two bookmarks.  You as the hostess just need to provide a beverage and maybe a snack or two.  No fuss ... they will be busy making cards, not eating.  You as the hostess also receive free stamp sets, ink pads, left-over papers, adhesive and a few other items.

Here are the cards and bookmarks you will make...

The verbiage areas are left blank here, but your guests can customize their cards with various words from Petite Pairs.

If you live near me, I will be happy to come long enough to set up and give brief instructions.  Then I leave and you just have fun.  If you are long distant, I will send everything to you along with detailed instructions.

If interested simply comment below or email me at  I'll be happy to give you a lot more information.   I've done this several times before and the parties have been a hit!!!

By the way, Fabulous Florets is one of the free stamp sets you will receive along with Petite Pairs.  If you have them, then you can get any sets of comparable value.   It's truly a win/win for all!

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