Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Convention swap

I know its been a while.  Life just continues to be busy.  Today is a special.  My daughter and Aaron settle on their home in North Carolina, just about 25 minutes from me.  They signed the papers in October to have their dream home be built.  It is so beautiful, and I couldn't be any happier for them.  In two weeks they will be close to me full time ... and I can get those awesome grammie hugs from my three little guys all the time!  That's a big WAHOOOOO!

Okay, now back to business.  I have been busy making swaps for convention.  Heres one using some of the new designer papers and stamp set.  The new catalog becomes live May 31st.  If you need your copy, just let me know.  If you're local they're free.  Long distant would just require postage.  Email me at  Or you can shop 27/7 by clicking here.

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